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Before/After School Program

School-age children spend most of their days in a classroom. Tutor Time educational daycare complements formal education with engaging and fun learning experiences in its before- and after-school child-care program. The program combines guidance and security with independent exploration to give school-age children the freedom and structure they need.

In the classroom

We also think the environment your child is in is an important factor in his or her continued growth. Research shows that the classroom environment acts as a third teacher when it comes to being developmentally appropriate, engaging and rich with learning opportunities.

Our learning centers feature clearly defined areas for a variety of experiences. For example, books are displayed on a shelf in a comfortable area that encourages reading. And speaking of books, we supply materials at a variety of levels — books a 6-year-old will enjoy and those that will engage a 10-year-old. We also supply group and individual board and card games.


Our age appropriate curriculum is developed to give your child a head start when they enter other public or private schools.


Choose our 24/7 hour facility because of our dedication to each child, nurturing and safe environment.


You should consider the curriculum of a school, the flexibility of the staff and the safety of your child when choosing a day care facility.


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